Barbara Fleeman Hazlett, President

Republican Club of Ocean Hills

Since January, the Republican Club of Ocean Hills has concentrated on reversing the losses of Republican Offices in the U. S. Congress, State Assembly and local governments.  In San Diego County, were Republicans were a strong hold, we were blindsided by the Democrat “Resistance”.  A well organized group that registered Democrats, harassed officials, like Congressman Darrell Issa, and in the final day before the election, harvested ballots.  Now San Diego County has more registered Democrats than Republicans.  However, The Declined to State Voters make up a third of those registered.  Republicans in the San Diego County Republican Party (SDCRP), under the leadership of Chairman Tony Krvaric, is sponsoring the “September Surge”.They are looking for motivated individuals to walk their neighborhoods and contact Decline-to-State voters. The SDCRP headquarters will furnish volunteers with 15 DTS voters on an app on their phones.  These are voter who voted for President Trump in the 2016 election. 

They will be made aware that Republicans hold a closed primary in March, and it’s our job to let them know that if they want to support our president with their vote, they need to register Republican today. 

The RCOH has also been inviting candidates to speak at our monthly meeting, including Brian Maryott, Candidate for the 49th Congressional District. We must replace our current representative, Mike Levin, who supports AOC and the New Green Deal as well as impeachment of President Donald J Trump.  We have attended his “Meet and Greets” as well as fundraisers and volunteered at “Maryott for Congress” headquarters.  Brian has the endorsements of the San Diego and Orange County Republican Parties.  This is the seat of former Congressman Darrell Issa.  

Our second goal is to have a conservative Republican from the 76th Assembly District represent us in Sacramento. Candidates Ray Pearson and Melanie Burkholder, both have visited our RCOH meeting almost monthly.  The SDCRP has not made an endorsement at this time. Both are well qualified. The Democrat representing us now, Tasha Boener Horvath, wants to take away our property rights by limiting short term rentals to 30 days a year.  Also she is for more regulations and taxes.

Other Candidates, whom have been our speakers, and whom we support are, Carl De Maio for the 50th Congressional District.  This seat is currently held by Republican Duncan Hunter, who is under investigation for misusing campaign money.  Carl is a well know talk show host and former San Diego City Councilman. He sponsored the “No on Prop 6” campaign and successfully recalled an Orange County Assemblyman.  Carl has an extensive group of volunteers and raised $250,000 in in the first 24 hours after announcing his candidacy.  Carl De Maio would be a strong Republican supporter of President Trump in the House of Representatives.   

June Yang Cutter is a 2020 Candidate for California Assembly district 77.  She is running to replace Democrat Brian Maienschein, who was elected as a Republican and switched to Democrat after he was elected.  Republicans worked very hard to help him win.  Can there be any worse traitor?  June Yang Cutter, a Korean-American Candidate,  is endorsed by SDCRP and the San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE) as well as many other organizations and Republican Clubs.  June is a fiscal conservativetrying to improve the state’s economy and keep it healthy for “our children and future generations”. She further states “I Believe that wasteful spending backed by out-of-touch politiciansin Sacramento  threatens the fiscal security that generations of Californians have worked to achieve.  It is time to roll up our sleeves and find viable, long-term solutions to California’s economic problems.”  When elected, her priority will be to support  the common-sense principles that the incumbent has abandoned.  June states

“I will fight to lower taxes, reduce wasteful spending and ensure economic growth in the State of California.” 

June Cutter is a homemaker and native southern Californian.  She graduated cum laude from U.C. Irvine in 1999 and went on to receive both her Juris Doctorate and Masters in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California in 2002, completing both graduate degrees at the age of 23.  June is currently the president of her local parent-teacher association and sits on the board of the California Women’s Leadership Association.

As a civil litigator, Cutter has represented individuals and businesses in California for nearly two decades. She currently practices employment law as Senior Counsel for a law firm in Rancho Bernardo.   June, her husband Ryan, a retired Navel Flight Officer, and their two children have lived in San Diego nearly 10 years.

With speaker Ruth Weiss, of  theElection Integrity Project California, Inc. (EIPCa),  we have informed our members of the excellent work this 501©(3) has done.The evidence that all is not well with California’s electoral process has become clear to Ruth and many California citizens since the early years of the new century. She believes, as every American should, that voting in every election is the greatest privilege we have as American citizens, and the single most important act that we will ever do for ourselves and our posterity. But if our election process is subverted by error, apathy, carelessness and fraud, then we are robbed of the significance and purpose of the great privilege of voting, and could lead directly to the demise of our Republic.  Ruth believes that with active stewardship and citizen involvement in the electoral process, we can once again have fair and honest elections in the State of California, and invites every citizen with a similar hope and belief to join in the work of Election Integrity Project.

Mrs. Weiss is currently serving as EIPCa’s Vice President, Director of Legislative Oversight, and Director of the Southern Region of California, consisting of San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Ruth is grateful to her husband, David, for his support and assistance in this mission, and proud of her two grown and very accomplished sons, Aaron and Andy.

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