How Do I Find Out My Elected Representatives?

Go to the Registrar of Voters Website

Make your voice heard by phoning, faxing, or emailing your representatives at all

levels. Fax numbers are included as faxed comments are currently considered to be

the most effective communication. Also don’t hesitate to contact your local





President Donald Trump (R) (click GET INVOLVED, bottom of page)

Comments 202.456.1111; Switchboard 202.456.1414



Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) 202.224.3841; f 202.228.3954;

Sen. Kamala Harris (D) 202.224.3553; f202.224.2200;


Rep. Mike Levin (D) 49th CD 202.225.3906

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) 50th CD 202.225.5672; f 202.225.0235;

Rep. Juan Vargas (D) 51st CD 202.225.8045; f 202.225.2772;

Rep. Scott Peters (D) 52nd CD 202.225.0508; no fax;

Rep. Susan Davis (D) 53rd CD 202.225.2040; f202.225.2948;



 Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) 916.445.2841.29; f202.225.2948;

Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Tony G. Atkins (D) 916.651.4039;

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D) 916.319.2063; f 916.319.2163


California Senate

Pat Bates (R), 36th SD 916.651.4036; f 916.651.4936;

Brian Jones (R), 38th SD 916.651.4038; f 916.651.4938;

Toni Atkins (D), 39th SD 916.651.4039; f 916.651.4939;

Ben Hueso (D), 40th SD 916.651.4040; f 916.651.4940;


California Assembly

 Randy Voepel (R) 71st AD 916.319.2071; no fax;

Marie Waldron (R) 75th AD 916.319.2075; no fax;

Tasha Horvath (D) 76th AD 916.319.2076; no fax;

Brian Maienschein (D) 77th AD 916.319.2077; no fax;

Todd Gloria (D), 78th AD 916.319.2078; f 916.319.2178;

Shirley Weber (D), 79th AD 916.319.2079; f 916.319.2179;

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D), 80th AD 916.319.2080; f 916.319.2180;


San Diego County –


Board of Supervisors:

Greg Cox D1 619.531.5511; f 619.235.644;

Dianne Jacob D2 619.531.5522; f 619.696.7253;

Kristin Gaspar D3 619.531.5533; f 619.557.4025;

Nathan Fletcher D4 619.531.5544; f 619.237.1351;

Jim Desmond D5 619.531.5555;

District Attorney Summer Stephan 619.531.4040; f 619.237.1351

Sheriff William D. Gore 858.974.2222; f 858.974.2244

San Diego City –


Mayor Kevin Faulconer 619.236.6330; f 619.36.7228;

City Council:

Barbara Bry D1 619.236.6611;

Jennifer Campbell D2 619.236.6622;

Chris Ward D3 619.236.6633;

Monica Montgomery D4 619.236.6644;

Mark Kersey D5 619.236.6655;

Chris Cate D6 619.236.6616;

Miscellaneous Other Points of Contact



Ph. (818) 841-521 16935 West Bernardo Dr. Ste. 208

Fax (818) 841-6668 San Diego, CA 92128 Phone #: 858-450-4600

San Diego County Republican Central Committee


78th AD: Richard Bailey:,

Julio De Guzman:

Monica Fay

Dan Holstein:

Jean Roesch:

Elizabeth Spillane


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