About - Letter from our President

The Republican Club of Ocean Hills is a Chapter of The California Congress Of Republicans.  It was founded in May, 2009, by a group of eleven (11) members who believed in Conservative Republicans values.  Our purpose is to educate voters through outstanding speakers and support candidates at the local, state and federal level that will promote these goals.


We believe in Core Republican values:

  • individual responsibility

  • personal freedoms 

  • limited government

  • a market economy

  • low taxes

  • a strong national defense


Our membership is composed of men and women who are also looking for an opportunity to exchange ideas with like minded friends.


The California Congress of Republicans (CCR) is a grass-roots political organization, founded in 1989 and permanently chartered by the California Republican Party.  The CCR is built upon the shared Republican principles of limited goverment, lower taxes to create genuine economic opportunities, individual liberty, personal responsibility and leadership in world freedom.


Working together, we can help rebuild the Republican Party.  There is strength in numbers.


Best Regards,

Barbara Fleeman Hazlett

Barbara Fleeman Hazlett, President

Republican Club of Ocean Hills